The Express Way to Device Management - Page 2

Security in a Box

Global Pro is a turnkey product that comes on a Sun Microsystems Inc. Netra box with the NetScreen Global Pro software already installed. The device is tamper-resistant, and all unneeded services are turned off, making it a reasonably secure platform from which to configure the firewalls and IDS (intrusion detection system) boxes in the network.

Experienced NetScreen users will have little trouble setting up the device. A professional services group at the company is available, and we recommend that new users of NetScreen products take advantage of these services to ensure that the policies created actually accomplish the desired security tasks.

The completely redesigned Java-based GUI (see screen, Page 67) makes it easy to step through the policy- creation process. The slick user interface is just that, however. Although it was easy to create policies, there is no substitute for old-fashioned, paper-and-pencil planning to figure out general security guidelines.

Global Pro made it very simple for us to make security policies and set up VPNs. Version 3.0s new ability to create groups of users and devices to which policies could be applied really helped this process.

The policy builder is really an ultra-fancy condition builder customized to match the capabilities of NetScreen security products. The policy builder covers all aspects of security operations including access filters, certificate authority locations and certificate revocation lists.

Global Pro cuts device configuration time while ensuring that the same policies are applied to all devices and users. It was no problem to assign additional policies, for example, to limit the authority of NetScreen administrators to a small group of devices, then add this policy to particular users.

We used the real-time performance module to observe the activity of NetScreen devices grouped by device type or VPN. The new performance views should make it easier for IT managers to get a sense of network usage and potential security trouble spots by highlighting unusual or bottlenecked traffic.

Senior Analyst Cameron Sturdevant is at [email protected]