The Future Comes Crawling

Are good worms a good way to plug security gaps or just system intrusion?

Recently, a new worm appeared on the Internet, but unlike other worms, this one didnt infect systems with a virus or turn them into zombie systems for launching denial-of-service attacks. What horrible thing did this worm, called the Cheese Worm, do? It patched the well-known security hole that it used to enter the system in the first place (the 1i0n worm) and then began to scan for other systems with the same problem.

Are good Samaritan worms the wave of the future, or are they just another unwelcome guest on your systems? eWeek Labs Technical Directors Jim Rapoza and Timothy Dyck debate this topic below. Let them know which side youre on by contacting them at [email protected] and timothy_ [email protected]