Thycotic Releases Privilege Manager for Windows

Privilege Manager for Windows lets IT admins implement an array of security policies and controls that best match their needs, such as deny-first whitelisting.

thycoitc and PAM

Thycotic announced Privilege Manager for Windows, which provides organizations with malware protection by enabling them to run only applications that are both required and trustworthy, with the lowest possible privilege and access.

Privilege Manager for Windows allows IT admins to implement an array of policies and controls that best match their needs, such as deny-first whitelisting, least privilege policy, application isolation, endpoint monitoring and logging and application self-elevation.

"Security tools, processes and applications are only beneficial to an organization if they are actually used," Joseph Carson, head of global strategic alliances at Thycotic, told eWEEK. "Now, more than ever, we live in a faster paced environment—IT and security administrators are having to do more and more every day, and they require tools that are not only easy to use but also highly customizable, to fit their individual needs."

When purchasing Privilege Manager for Windows the installation process will install Secret Server v.10.0 and Privilege Manager together, and customers will also have the option to license and use Privilege Manager by itself.

"When developing our solutions, Thycotic takes an approach that puts the human first—understanding that our products will only be widely adopted and used if they are easy to use and simple to manage," Carson said. "When talking to prospects who are evaluating vendors, we constantly hear from them how difficult competing solutions are to implement."

It’s important to the company, he said, that its customers can begin seeing value out of their investment from day one.

"As Thycotic has done with Privileged Account Management, making it easy and simple to use with Secret Server, Thycotic has taken the same approach in making Application Control easy and simple to use with the latest launch of Privilege Manager for Windows," Carson said.

Combined with Secret Server v10.0 for Privileged Account Management, which is also being released in conjunction with Privilege Manager for Windows, Thycotic is able to provide comprehensive security for businesses.

"It’s important for companies, moving forward, to account for the two big vulnerabilities in a network—the compromised endpoints and the malicious acquisition of privileged accounts," Carson said. "Protecting endpoints make it easier to protect privileged accounts from being captured, and protecting your privileged credentials make it easier to protect the endpoints."

He explained cycle that feeds itself, and companies must evaluate solutions from companies that can handle both of these attack vectors.

"With Thycotic, businesses now have the ability to control who can access their endpoints and what approved and trusted actions that can occur on the endpoints providing more control, security and visibility to stay safe and compliant," Carson said.