Top Five Myths About Safe Surfing

Even if you surf the Web casually, your machine is at risk. We smash safe-surfing myths and give you practical tips on avoiding attacks.

Recently PC Magazine conducted a survey that asked participants to rate their broadband ISP services. We found out that many users dont completely understand the seriousness of potential threats or how to protect their PCs. The following are responses to the top five security misconceptions we encountered.

I dont keep important things on my PC, so I dont have to worry about security.

There was a time when this statement was partially true, but that time has long since passed. Current viruses, worms, and other threats, including the famous Love Bug, Nimda, and Blaster, spread blindly across the Internet to thousands or millions of PCs in a matter of hours, without regard for who owns them, what is stored there, or the value of the information they hold. The purpose of such attacks is nothing less than to wreak havoc.