Trend Micro Looks to Plug Leaks with New Offering

Trend Micro releases its first product with Provilla's technology.

Trend Micro has re-branded and released Provillas flagship data leak prevention product suite with a new emphasis on user education as well as additional platform and application support.

Keeping an eye on studies showing many data leaks are the result of accidents by employees as opposed to hackers or malicious insiders, Trend Micro designed Trend Micro LeakProof 3.0 with interactive endpoint alerts. IT administrators can customize these alerts to educate employees on security policies if they take an authorized action.

"The administrators now can define an interactive workflow and education for their employees to really define how they want employees to interact with this solution when there are violations that are detected," said Glen Kosaka, director of marketing for the Japan-based companys data leak prevention unit.

"So if 80 to 90 percent of the risk that you have as a company is through accidental or non-malicious breaches, then the right action is not just to block that, but to compliment that with...being able to educate the employee," Kosaka said.

Administrators can customize the alert dialog box, which pops up on the employees screen when a violation occurs, to explain what activity is being blocked and direct them to a URL link for more information, company officials said.


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The product is the companys first DLP release since it snapped up Provilla in October. With the acquisition came the LeakProof product suite, which officials at Provilla were working on prior to the acquisition. Kosaka said Trend Micro is still in the process of integrating technology from both companies into its endpoint security products.

"I think in the short term, lets say the next three years, youll still have both solutions," he said. "Youll have a standalone DLP or data protection solution, and then youll also see these modules, for example, from the Provilla technology being incorporated into OfficeScan, the Trend Micro Email Security Gateway," said Kosaka.

Trend Micro is offering these options "because some customers will want a complete solution for e-mail security that includes DLP, but other customers may be just looking for a data-protection solution and theyll want to buy that separately," he said.

In the meantime, administrators can use LeakProof 3.0 to demand anyone copying data onto a USB drive encrypt the information or provide a justification for why it should be unencrypted that gets logged and is subject to scrutiny. The product can also prevent the capture and dissemination of unauthorized screen shots of sensitive data, as well as configurable PC/LAN boundary filtering.

Other enhancements include a new scan-only version of the LeakProof Anti-Leak Agent enterprises can use to quickly scan endpoints and servers. The product also features full support for Microsoft Vista, Office 2007 and Yahoo Messenger as well as more granular policies so mobile and disconnected systems can assert different policy actions when a violation is detected while an employee is offline.

The product is slated to be available this week, with pricing set per endpoint and per server.

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