Trend Micro Offers New Security for Microsoft Office 365

At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Trend Micro announced new security features for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure users.

Cloud security

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Trend Micro, a provider of security software and solutions, announced new and enhanced security capabilities for Microsoft Office 365.

The company's announcement comes a day after Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner emphasized security as a new area of focus for Microsoft to key on with partners. Speaking at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2014 here, Turner said Microsoft is focused on five major trends: cloud, mobility, social business intelligence, big data and security.

"When you think about cyber-security issues, there's never been an issue like this past year," said Turner. "It is a CEO-level decision and issue."

Trend Micro's new services are part of the company's strategy to deliver solutions that secure cloud architectures combined with centralized management and protection controls to guard against data loss and advanced malware within Microsoft's existing secure infrastructure.

"Our history with Microsoft runs deep, and our combined approach to providing customers with sound security will help users achieve the full benefits and ROI the cloud has to offer," said Partha Panda, vice president of global channels and strategic alliances at Trend Micro, in a statement. "This complementary approach to security will enable Microsoft partners to address their customers' security concerns so they can more effectively close deals. ... We are deeply committed to being innovators in cloud protection as adoption surges across global industries."

Trend Micro enhances Microsoft environments with multilayered threat and data protection that encompasses endpoints, Web and email. To better support channel partners' ability to sell Trend Micro's additional security solutions for Microsoft cloud, these centrally managed solutions will be available as part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete suite.

This interconnected set of security offerings delivers protection at endpoint, application and network levels to protect users with a broad range of anti-malware capabilities available to thwart attacks such as Citadel, Luuuk, SpyEye and ZeuS. The suite enables organizations to tailor their defense based on their unique business requirements with flexible on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment models that fit dynamic IT environments as they transition to the cloud.

"Being a partner of both Microsoft and Trend Micro allows us to offer powerful solutions that will help our customers' businesses grow by providing user-friendly technology that drives productivity and profitability as securely as possible," said Mike Hogan, Microsoft general manager at En Pointe Technologies, in a statement. "Microsoft's cloud services meet the needs of a wide variety of our customers, and the inclusion of Trend Micro gives us the ability to create an even stronger selling point."

At WPC 2014, Trend Micro is highlighting new security offerings for the Microsoft cloud and Office 365, including Trend Micro Cloud App Security and Trend Micro Hosted Email Security. Trend Micro Cloud App Security integrates directly with Office 365 using a Microsoft API for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. By providing data at rest encryption with customer-managed keys, customers will have added control of their data while preserving Office 365 functionality. It also reduces risk with advanced malware scanning through sandbox analysis and simplifies compliance with data loss prevention.

Customers can access a beta site of the Trend Micro Cloud App Security for Office 365 offering here.

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security provides spam and malware filtering for Office 365, protecting users by scanning emails for malicious attachments and URLs, spam and graymail, and phishing attacks. The coming update includes enhanced spear phishing protection and hidden malware detection.

Trend Micro offers a range of security solutions for Microsoft environments, including Deep Security, SecureCloud and PortalProtect in support of Azure, SharePoint and Agent Extension. In addition, Trend Micro solutions now support Exchange, SharePoint and Lync servers, on-premises or in the cloud. Trend Micro also is a member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) to protect against zero-day vulnerabilities announced in Microsoft Security Advisories.