Trustwave Buys Breach Security for Web Application Firewall

Trustwave acquired Breach Security for its web application firewall business, and is planning to integrate the technology into its application security suite.

Trustwave has acquired web application firewall provider Breach Security.

The deal, made for an undisclosed sum, will allow Trustwave to integrate Breach Security's Web app firewall technology into its existing application security suite. Breach Security's WebDefend application firewall appliance, features inbound and outbound inspection of Web traffic for sensitive data such as credit card information. In addition, Breach Security is also custodian of open source Web application firewall ModSecurity.

"Hackers increasingly target insecure Web applications as their point of entry into an organization's network," said Sanjay Mehta, CEO of Breach Security, in a statement. "Adding WAF to Trustwave's application security suite provides customers with an unrivaled defense-in-depth solution to secure applications throughout the software development lifecycle."

Trustwave's SpiderLabs focuses on multiple aspects of application security, including penetration testing, secure code review, security-focused software development training and incident response. The combination of application penetration testing and web application firewalls also provide compliance with requirement 6.6 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Trustwave said.

"This acquisition adds more truly innovative technology to Trustwave's product portfolio, significantly enhancing our ability to help our clients secure their information," said Robert J. McCullen, CEO of Trustwave, in a statement. "Combining an industry leading WAF solution with our SpiderLabs services should make our application security capabilities unmatched in the industry."