Trustwave Secure Email Gateway Now Supports Microsoft Azure RMS

Today’s topics include Trustwave improving its Secure Email Gateway to reduce email threats, and Hyatt launching a public bug bounty program.

Trustwave announced the latest iteration of its email security platform on Jan. 10 with the unveiling of Secure Email Gateway 8.2.

Among the highlights in the new release is support for the Microsoft Azure Rights Management System, which is used to protect against data loss and unauthorized access. Trustwave is also integrating a dedicated business email compromise engine into SEG 8.2 to help organizations limit the risk of email fraud.

According to Jenny Chen, senior product manager at Trustwave, "Trustwave SEG is a gateway software product that can be deployed with any internal company email system. SEG provides an organization with a layered security solution to manage email content; fight advanced threats such as phishing, ransomware and business email compromise; curb spam; and transparently enforce email Acceptable Use Policy and any other regulatory compliance requirements."

Hyatt announced on Jan. 9 that it is launching a public bug bounty program managed by HackerOne to improve the security of its operations. A bug bounty program is an effort where security researchers are rewarded for identifying and responsibly disclosing software vulnerabilities.

This launch follows the disclosure of a vulnerability in rival hotel operator Marriott's Starwood chain, which exposed personal data on approximately 383 million individuals. While Hyatt officially launched its public bug bounty program on Jan. 9, it had been running a private invitation-only program on HackerOne for several months in late 2018.

By going public, Hyatt is enabling anyone who registers on HackerOne to participate in the effort to identify flaws.