VeriSign Adds Malware Scanning Service for SSL Customers

VeriSign is rolling out a new, free malware scanning service for its customers. According to VeriSign, the anti-malware service-as well as a new feature designed to highlight VeriSign SSL-protected sites in search-engine results-is meant to separate the company from other SSL providers.

VeriSign has announced plans to make a move into malware scanning to bolster its role in ensuring Website security.

The anti-malware service is part of a handful of new features VeriSign is offering to its customers to help them create a safe, trusted experience for visitors. In addition to malware scanning, VeriSign SSL-protected sites will have the ability to leverage the VeriSign Seal-in-Search technology, which places a VeriSign Trusted Seal mark next to search-engine results to identify sites utilizing VeriSign SSL.

With the new malware scanning service, VeriSign customers will have their sites checked daily for malware at no additional cost. If malware is found, the VeriSign Trust Seal is removed and the customer will be notified. Once the malicious code is removed, VeriSign will rescan the site and replace the seal.

According to VeriSign, a daily site scan can reduce the risk of a site infecting users and being blacklisted by search engines for malicious content.

"In the face of increasingly elaborate attacks and fraud schemes, Websites need solutions that do more than data encryption," said Tim Calla, vice president of product marketing at VeriSign, in a statement. "By enhancing our SSL Certificate services with new features that instill trust at every step of the online experience-at no additional charge to our customers-we're delivering a more robust and value-driven solution. In the process, we're redefining what Websites should expect from online security."