Vontu Looks to Plug Data Leaks

Vontu adds new scanning abilities to the latest version of its data loss prevention product.

Vontu has added new data discovery capabilities to the latest version of its data leak prevention product that it says will help enterprises locate data stored anywhere.

Officials at San Francisco-based Vontu said the ability of Vontu Data Loss Prevention 8 to accurately detect data as it is used, copied or sent at the endpoint and on the network provides the defense in depth required to prevent data loss.

Vontu DLP 8, which will be generally available in December, includes two endpoint products. One is Vontu Endpoint Discover, an agent-based product with the ability to scan local systems for confidential data. The second is Vontu Endpoint Prevent, formerly known as Endpoint Monitor, which prevents users from copying such data to removable storage devices like iPods and USB drives.


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"The new Vontu Endpoint Discover product in Vontu DLP 8 allows agent-based scanning on thousands of desktops and laptops, including offline machines and remote office systems," said Steve Roop, vice president of products and marketing at Vontu.

"Combined with Vontu Network Discover, this new addition, the Vontu DLP 8 data discovery solution, allows customers to deploy both network and agent-based architecture … [and] both centralized and distributed scanning for optimal scalability."

In addition, the product has new coverage for scanning enterprise data repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Documentum and Livelink. It also offers support for employee intranets and partner extranets, and IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. Oracle was already covered.

"Customers tell us they have a lot of confidential data in these repositories," Roop said.

Vontu Endpoint Prevent also has the ability to monitor and prevent the inappropriate use of confidential data, such as sending it via Web-based e-mail, instant message or peer-to-peer network, or concealing it with encryption.

Pricing starts at $25,000 and is based on the number of users and the products purchased, company officials said.

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