WatchGuard Debuts XCS 280, XCS 580 Security Appliances

The XCS 280 and XCS 580 offer data loss prevention features and protection against spyware, network attacks and Web-based threats.

Business security solutions specialist WatchGuard announced the launch of its latest editions of its enhanced Extensible Content Security solutions for small and midsize businesses, the XCS 280 and XCS 580 security appliances.

The XCS 280 and 580 appliances offer email security to defend against inbound threats, and allow IT departments to create data loss prevention policies. In a few steps, the wizard guides policy creation from definition to corrective actions to take, and includes compliance dictionaries, task lists and drop-down action menus.

Other features include WatchGuard’s XCS Queue Replication, which ensures that if a system should fail, or be taken offline, all messages are mirrored on another system and can be delivered without delay. The appliances also include a subscription to the company’s LiveSecurity Plus service, which users activate online when they register the product. LiveSecurity Plus delivers 24/7 technical support, hardware warranty, and software updates to keep code up to date.

The company offers five XCS models to provide organizations of all sizes with a suite of content security functionality, including email security, Web security and data loss prevention. The appliances are designed to block 98 percent of threats and spam at the network perimeter by providing defense from email and Web-based threats, including spam, viruses, malware, URL filtering, blended threats, spyware and network attacks.

"With increased security threats targeting small and medium-sized business, it is essential for business owners to keep their important and sensitive information safe," WatchGuard’s director of product management Roger Klorese said in a statement. "The WatchGuard XCS solution provides the web and email content security, management and reporting features that small and medium-sized businesses need to maintain the highest level of security and defend against attacks."

Earlier this month, the company released its annual security predictions for 2013. Assembled by WatchGuard’s security research analysts, the list reveals an uptick in emerging cyber-threats and an increased focus by governments to fight back through legislation.

The report noted mobile malware is skyrocketing and cyber-criminals are targeting Google Android devices more than any other because of the platform's openness. WatchGuard also anticipates a steep rise in browser-infecting malware in 2013, as adoption of cloud services like online banking grows and a great deal of personal and sensitive data passes through Web browsers.

"2012 was an eye-opening year in cyber-security as we saw the number of new and more sophisticated vulnerabilities rise, impacting individuals, businesses and governments," WatchGuard director of security strategy Corey Nachreiner said in a prepared statement. "This is a year where the security stakes reach new heights, attacks become more frequent and unfortunately more damaging as many organizations suffer attacks before taking measures to protect themselves from the bad guys."