Web Site Defacement Winner Announced

A well-known Brazilian crew won this past weekend's Web site defacement contest, amassing more than twice as many points as the second-place team.

A well-known Brazilian crew won this past weekends Web site defacement contest, amassing more than twice as many points as the second-place team.

Crackers from the Perfect.br team racked up 152 points in winning the contest, which put them 90 points ahead of the runners-up, the Hackbsd Crew. For their efforts, the Brazilians won a Web hosting package.

The contest challenged crackers to deface as many Web sites as possible within a given amount of time. Points were awarded based on the operating system of the box that was hosting the defaced site. The less common the OS, the more points the defacement was worth.

For example, sites running on Windows machines were worth just one point, while sites on Macintosh systems were awarded five points. The contest, which had been widely publicized in the days leading up to the Sunday kick off, drew more than 60 entrants, according to the organizers Web site.

Only about a quarter of the entrants were able to score 10 points or more, with many apparently defacing just one or two sites.

In addition to all of the media coverage—or perhaps because of it—the contest also attracted its share of weirdness. Zone-H.org, an independent security site that the contests organizer designated as the official defacement archive for the competition, was the target of a denial-of-service attack Sunday that knocked the site offline for most of the day.

The group that attacked Zone-H explained its motives thusly in a note posted on SecurityNewsPortal.com: "We think the competition is a waste of time, therefore we will not participate. The competition was to be judged on the statistics collected by Zone-H, since it is a popular defacement mirror site. We planned and executed a DDoS attack directed at Zone-H so that they were unable to take mirrors of the defacements on the 6th of July, as a type of online protest. After the attack started Zone-H was intermittently offline for 15 minutes. After 30 minutes we increased the number of computer involved, which resulted in the site being completely unreachable."

Oddly, one of the people listed as being a member of the group responsible for the DoS attack is Gui, a member of the Perfect.br crew.

Perfect.br is widely known in the underground and its members are responsible for a large number of previous Web site defacements.