Whats Your Exposure?

Vigilante offers service to map security risks.

Trying to find the security holes in your customers networks? Then consider hiring a security assessment service, a new breed of service provider that does all the grunt work in seeking out network vulnerabilities. Vigilante.com last week secured$11 million in a second round of financing, allowing the company to build a network of solutions provider partners.

The three-year-old company, which has an indirect sales strategy in the United States, received the new funding to grow its sales operations and partner network, push research, and enter into new international markets.

"[Well] reinforce our marketing activities and support education of business partners, among other things," says Eric Fullerton, a former Intel executive, who was named COO at Vigilante last week.

"At the moment, we are training people to use our products and are improving the security literacy in the business partner channel," Fullerton says. Vigilante has 20 partners and plans to grow that number this year.

Its business model embraces a quasi ASP/MSP structure. "We find the holes before the hackers," Fullerton adds.

Solutions providers can sell the Vigilante SecureScan service on a subscription basis, says Fullerton, adding that Vigilantes service allows partners to focus on consulting.

With that type of model, Vigilantes channel prospects look good.