Will E-Voting Make An Impact in 2004?

With the Democratic partys presidential candidacy run in full gear (and after those "hanging chads" in the close presidential election in 2000), when will we see electronic voting in the U.S.? Weve seen a decade-plus of technological and security advances in areas of Internet retailing, online banking, auctioning, video, audio, you name it... It would not be too much of a digital stretch to wonder when electronic voting could impact our democratic processes, would it?

Anyone who believes that federal and state government agencies are adverse to technology hasnt been paying attention to the advances made by the tax revenue departments like the IRS or the Department of Homeland Security lately. And yet, elections are state run entities and have serious inconsistenicies between all fifty of them.

As these stories, commentary and analysis examines, electronic voting is either riddled with security vulnerabilities with potential for fraudulent voting or is dangling in fear of the unknown with a spectrum of architectural choices for managing the process. Then there are the costs... And who wants to pick up that check?

Should we be able to vote from the comfort of our homes? Should a voter have some sort of physical paper-trail confirmation that their vote was counted from a touchpad?

Read these stories and join in a healthy debate on technological democracy. And whatever your take, remember to (register and) vote, even if it means standing in line, closing a curtain and pulling a big lever.