WordPress Privacy Enhancements Help Websites Comply With GDPR

Today’s topics include a new WordPress update helping websites prepare for GDPR, and VMware announcing Integrated OpenStack 5 to accelerate carrier clouds.

The open-source WordPress content management system project announced its 4.9.6 update on May 17, providing users with privacy enhancements designed to help sites become compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect May 25.

As of the 4.9.6 update, end users who leave a comment on a WordPress-powered site get the choice to allow or disallow a site to save a cookie in their browser that saves user information. Also in the update is an option that will show users new or updated privacy policies when they register with the site or log in.

There are also two core data handling capabilities that can help enable user data privacy. One capability enables users to choose to export all their personal data from a WordPress-powered site. In addition, there is now a data erasure option—an end user can now request that all their personal data stored on a WordPress-powered site be erased.

VMware announced its VMware Integrated OpenStack 5 on May 21, providing an updated cloud platform for both data center and carrier deployments. The updated carrier edition provides what VMware is calling OpenStack "in a box" for 5G and edge computing, enabling small-footprint cloud deployments at the edge of a wireless network.

In addition, the new release benefits from accelerated data plane performance that helps to improve network performance and reduce latency.

VMware Integrated OpenStack 5 is also compliant with the OpenStack Foundation’s 2018.02 interoperability guidelines, enabling interoperability across different OpenStack clouds.