Workshare Bundles New Level of Encryption with DLP

The company is putting new encryption capabilities into its data leak prevention offering in a bid to challenge other security vendors. 

Workshare wants to challenge other security vendors at the endpoint by including new encryption capabilities for the Workshare Protect Premium client.

The company announced March 31 it is bundling its new Workshare Protect Crypto product with Protect Premium at no additional charge as part of Workshare Unified Content Protection (UCP) Suite 6. With Protect Crypto, Workshare is looking to compete with companies such as McAfee, which released its Total Data Protection suite earlier this year with endpoint and USB encryption but without the ability to manage the technology with its ePolicy Orchestrator.

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Brian Spector, general manager of Workshare's Content Protection Group, said the product is aimed primarily at small and midsized businesses, but the company wants to win larger customers as well.

"The current level of integration we now have allows us to do very unique things ... [and] as our product matures, we will be able to leverage encryption services to its fullest extent with our unique ability to understand content, context, identity and information rights," Spector said.

Workshare's offering can be managed through the Management System Protect Crypto server, allowing users to centralize password and key recovery and support multiple disk images.

The Protect Crypto client itself delivers a number of security features to the Protect Premium client, which previously only had file encryption. With Protect Crypto, users can perform full disk and local volume encryption, as well as the ability to encrypt removable media, network drives and passwords. It also integrates with e-mail encryption products from Secure Computing, CryptZone, Voltage, PGP, Utimaco Safeware and Cisco Systems through IronPort.

In the areas of policy configuration and enforcement, administrators can set rules for the install of Protect Crypto, such as what services in the module are deployed and how the installation procedures occur. Users can also decide who gets what keys and set policies for key escrow and archival.

The product is available now for $49.95. Existing customers can download Protect Crypto at no charge.