Worst Data Breaches Ever

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Worst Data Breaches Ever

The last few years have seen a slew of data breaches-all bad, but some worse than others. In the spirit of learning what not to do by example, eWEEK presents some of the worst data breaches ever. (Unfortunately, this list is likely to be cont

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Monster.com

Monster.com August 2007 As the result of a security breach at Monster.com job site, the confidential information of some 1.3 million job seekers was stolen and used in a phishing scam. What might be worse is the fact that Monster waited

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Fidelity National Information Services

July 2007Fidelity National Information ServicesA senior-level employee of a subsidiary of financial processing company Fidelity National Information Services stole 2.3 million consumer records containing credit card, bank account and other p

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - SAIC

July 2007SAICBy neglecting to encrypt data sent over the Internet, employees of government contractor Science Applications International Corp. put the sensitive information of more than 800,000 U.S. service members and their families at risk.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - State of Ohio

June 2007State of OhioA computer storage device containing the names and Social Security numbers of every Ohio state worker was stolen from an intern's vehicle.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Los Angeles County

March 2007Los Angeles County Child Support Services DepartmentSeveral laptops containing personal information-including about 130,500 Social Security numbers-were apparently stolen from the departments office.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - TJX Companies

December 2006TJX CompaniesDuring an 18-month period, 45.6 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from one of TJX's systems.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - University of California, Los Angeles

December 2006University of California, Los AngelesA hacker breached a university-administered database containing personal information on about 800,000 people.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - U.S. Department of Transportation

August 2006Miami Office of the U.S. Department of TransportationAs a result of the theft of a U.S. Department of Transportation laptop, personally identifiable information of about 133,000 Florida residents was exposed.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - AOL

August 2006AOLData on 20 million Web queries, from more than 600,000 users, was posted on a public Web site. Some search records included personal information, such as Social Security numbers.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Naval Safety Center

June 2006Naval Safety CenterFive spreadsheet files with personal data on approximately 28,000 sailors and family members were found on an open Web site.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Wells Fargo

May 2006Wells FargoThe theft of a laptop exposed the personal information of customers.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Department of Veterans Affairs

May 2006Department of Veterans AffairsA national database containing sensitive data on about 26.5 million veterans was stolen after an employee brought the data home.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Department of Agriculture

February 2006Department of AgricultureAs a result of hackers illegally accessing a USDA database containing names and Social Security numbers, about 26,000 current and former employees were exposed to identity theft.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Boston Globe

January 2006Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & GazetteThe personal information of about 240,000 people who paid for their subscriptions to the Globe and Telegram by credit card or personal check was exposed when that information was print

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - H&R Block

January 2006H&R BlockSome H&R Block customers' Social Security numbers were embedded in the tracking code of mailing labels used to send out (unsolicited) tax-prep software.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - ChoicePoint

September 2005ChoicePointThrough what amounted to a social hack, criminals gained access to the systems of database giant ChoicePoint. The data of more than 145,000 people was exposed.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - LexisNexis

March 2005LexisNexisThe personal information of about 300,000 was exposed via multiple system hacks of LexisNexis databases.

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Worst Data Breaches Ever - Ameritrade

February 2005AmeritradeIn transit, a computer backup tape containing the account information of more than 200,000 clients was lost or accidentally destroyed.

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