Xerox Phaser 6140

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Xerox Phaser 6140

The Xerox Phaser 6140 is a color laser printer targeted at small workgroups within an enterprise. Priced at $399, the Phaser 6140 produces vivid color documents by pairing 600x600x4-dpi image resolution with Xerox??s Emulsion Aggregate High Gloss toner. The Phaser 6140 comes equipped with many features that make it easy to use and maintain, and a variety of optional accessories that allow users to build a printer that best suits their needs.With a paper capacity of 250 sheets and print speeds of 19 pages per minute in color and 21 ppm in black and white, the Phaser 6140 helps small offices produce high-quality color documents quickly and reliably.

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SecureFusion from Gideon Technologies automates and orchestrates enterprise IT security and risk management. SecureFusion simplifies and integrates network discovery, baseline configuration management and vulnerability management, and enables reporting for enterprise risks and regulatory compliance.??íSecureFusion gathers standards-based IT risk metrics into a central service-oriented architecture portal where users can view all IT assets, vulnerabilities, configuration details and policy compliance metrics.

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Version 3.7 of the KnowledgeTree enterprise content management system adds thumbnail and instant view functionality; support for Microsoft IIS 6 and 7 on Windows 2003 and 2008 Server; server-based, MSI, RPM and DEB installer packages; and a new setup wizard. The KnowledgeTree solution is designed to provide affordable document management software that is easily installed and used by business professionals. Also now available is an alpha of KnowledgeTree CP (cross platform), which allows users on Linux and Mac to take advantage of the platform.

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Fortify on Demand

Fortify's Fortify on Demand is a set of SAAS solutions designed to allow organizations to test and score the security of third-party and internal software with greater speed and accuracy. Fortify on Demand provides static and dynamic security testing, and correlates results into a single dashboard, while reports prioritize vulnerability fixes based on severity and risk.

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BP Logix Process Director 1.0

BP Logix Process Director 1.0 from BP Logix helps enterprise users address 'non-linear' types of processes, or those processes that don't lend themselves to a flow chart. The product blends project management with BPM, allowing users to model processes the way they view them: as activities with dependencies, conditions and timelines.??í

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Motorola MC3090-Z

Motorola has introduced a new handheld reader, expanding its business-class portfolio of RFID reader solutions. The Motorola MC3090-Z is the lightest high-performance handheld reader in its class, according to the company. The reader leverages the ergonomic and rugged design of the Motorola MC3000 and incorporates a dual-axis antenna for versatile use in retail, health care and business environments.

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OpenFrame 6.0

TmaxSoft's OpenFrame 6.0 is mainframe rehosting software that automates the process of migrating legacy mainframe systems to more flexible, cost-effective open environments. According to the company, OpenFrame has been proven to provide performance and reliability levels that meet or exceed those on the mainframe, while reducing operating expenses by 40 percent to 70 percent and achieving ROI in 12 to 18 months.??í

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Black Box's Veri-NAC family of access control products lets only authorized computers and devices onto a defined network. It also checks to make sure each connected machine complies with specified standards, including up-to-date operating system, patch management and security configurations. If a device is deemed to contain vulnerabilities, it can be locked out of the network.

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Autonomic Groups

3PAR's Autonomic Groups software enables users to create volume groups on 3PAR InServ Storage Servers. This can simplify, automate and expedite storage provisioning monitoring and data protection in clustered and virtual server environments.

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Zenoss Enterprise 2.5

Zenoss Enterprise is an IT operations management product designed tosimplify complex systems and network management without the use of legacytools. Version 2.5 of Zenoss' Zenoss Enterprise includes several newenterprise-grade scalability features targeted at managing today's datacenter, as well as expanded management support for next-generation datacenter technologies and platforms such as virtualization and public clouds. The latest release includes a redesigned, agentless distributed collectorarchitecture, support for distributed collector non-root installs, enhancedsecurity features and an??íupdated Event

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Endpoint Security and Data Protection 9

Sophos has updated its Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection systemwith DLP (data loss prevention) capabilities. Sophos Endpoint Security andData Protection 9's content-aware DLP technology is designed to addressarguably the most prevalent causes of data loss/exposure: human error andirresponsibility. With this new release, Sophos is promoting moreresponsible data-handling practices by empowering IT teams as well as endusers to better manage the appropriate use of sensitive data. EndpointSecurity and Data Protection?ö?ç?which is managed from a single, simplifieddashboard?ö?ç?leverages an existing content scanning engine, negating the needfor customers to deploy additional endpoint agents or incur furtherlicensing

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Vorex 2.5

Vorex is introducing what it calls the first SAAS suite that combines timemanagement, expense tracking, project management and HR management. Vorex2.5 is a Web-based, self-service portal that permits employees and HR tomanage benefits. The time and attendance feature allows employees to bettercontrol absenteeism and records??íthe time an employee spends on a project fordirect billing to clients. The service also includes a skill set databasethat helps enable project success by allowing managers to assignemployees??íclients based on skills.

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Greenview Data Encryption Service

Greenview Data, maker of SpamStopsHere, has partnered with ZixCorp toprovide in-the-cloud, compliance-ready e-mail encryption services tocustomers who seek to secure the transmission of sensitive data. The newoffering automates the e-mail encryption process to help ensure the securityof e-mail communications, reduce the risk of data breaches and helpcompanies meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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IdentityIQ 4.0

??íSailPoint's IdentityIQ 4.0??íis designed to make it easy for business and ITstaff to work together to create and customize identity business processesand then map IT controls to them. The platform features an enhanced userinterface that presents identity intelligence information in understandablebusiness terms, allowing business managers to make better decisions aboutuser access privileges. ??í

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WatchGuard XCS

A comprehensive platform for business e-mail and Web 2.0 content security,WatchGuard XCS combines??ícloud-based security, data loss prevention andadvanced messaging security technologies into a single appliance thatdefends against phishing attacks, identity theft, viruses, malware, dataloss and other forms of network, application and data threats.??íTheWatchGuard XCS 170, 370 and 570 appliances are suitable for SMBs, while??ítheWatchGuard XCS 770, 970 and 1170 devices are suitable for midtier and

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Splunk 4 Free

Splunk,??ían IT search and analysis engine, lets users index, search andreport on live and historical IT data. Splunk is designed to reduce the timeto troubleshoot IT problems and security incidents, and??íallows IT managersto monitor the entire IT infrastructure to avoid service degradation anddowntime. Splunk Free brings the power of Splunk 4 to personal users,providing the ability to search, visualize and report on practically anymachine-generated data?ö?ç?speeding problem resolution, incident investigationsand IT analytics. ??í

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