ZoneAlarm Update Hones its Trouble-Finding Skills

I'm glad I've been testing Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm Version 4.0 desktop firewall on my PC at home.

Im glad Ive been testing Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Version 4.0 desktop firewall on my PC at home. This update, released in June, is a good desktop firewall application choice for Windows desktop users.

The basic ZoneAlarm edition provides rudimentary packet-filtering firewall functions and can be downloaded for free from the companys Web site.

In Version 4.0, ZoneLabs has enhanced ZoneAlarms mail-protection capabilities and adds new tools to provide privacy protection for Web surfers. ZoneAlarm Plus also gains the very useful MailSafe and Hacker ID features.

The enhanced MailSafe feature quarantines suspicious file types, preventing users from accidentally infecting their PCs by opening malicious files. Hacker ID tracks attackers IP addresses and reports them to ISPs. ZoneAlarm Plus is priced at $39.95 and is a good choice for users looking to purchase a firewall application.

ZoneAlarm Pro 4.0, priced at $49.95, has all the capabilities of Plus and adds privacy tools such as pop-up and ad blockers, as well as cookie control. Pro would be the best choice for companies and more-advanced users. The company offers a free 30-day trial download for both ZoneAlarm Plus and ZoneAlarm Pro.

Go to for more information or to download a free trial version of ZoneAlarm.