A Close Look at IBM's z13s Mainframe for Secure Hybrid Clouds

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A Close Look at IBM's z13s Mainframe for Secure Hybrid Clouds

IBM's z13s has advanced cryptography features built into the hardware that allow it to encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as previous generations.

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The z13s

Optimized for hybrid cloud workloads, the new IBM z13s brings the security of data encryption to midsize organizations at twice the speed of previous generations.

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CryptoExpress5S Card for IBM z13s

The z13s can encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as previous generations with technologies like the CryptoExpress5S card.

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IBM z13s Microprocessor Chip

Brian David Flores, cryptographic hardware verification engineer for IBM z Systems, is holding the new z13s microprocessor chip.

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Enhancing the Highly Secure System

The z13s introduces new embedded mainframe security features with advanced cryptography features embedded in every chip core and tamper-resistant hardware-accelerated cryptographic coprocessor cards. William Santiago-Fernandez and Brian David Flores both worked to develop the system's embedded advanced cryptography in their roles as cryptographic hardware engineers at IBM's Poughkeepsie, N.Y., site.

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Tom Rosamilia: z13s Suited for Blockchain Applications

Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president of IBM Systems, talks about the new z13s during a press conference at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Orlando. Rosamilia said with the system's high performance, advanced cryptography and large memory space, it is ideal for blockchain applications. IBM also announced significant investments in blockchain technology this week.

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Glass Cases

Here's a model of a prototypical z13s mainframe with its innards displayed in a glass case at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference.

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An IBM Big Iron Trio

This image shows a glass-encased z13s mainframe, an IBM DS8880 storage box and a LinuxONE Rockhopper—Linux-only mainframe.

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Power in Glass

This image depicts an IBM Power systems machine encased in glass.

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This image shows an IBM DS8880 storage box. The IBM DS8880 family is powered by the IBM DS8000 enterprise software platform and delivers mission-critical acceleration, availability and integration with IBM servers.

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Rack Architecture, x86 Systems Helped Drive Q3 Server Growth

Third-quarter market numbers from IDC and Gartner showed a server space that is growing, in large part due to continuing demand for x86-based systems, rack-optimized servers and, to some extent, IBM's new System z13 mainframes. According to the analyst firms, overall server revenue in the last quarter jumped by between 5.1 percent (IDC) and 7.5 percent (Gartner) over the same period last year, while Gartner found that shipments also rose 9.2 percent. Volume system revenue grew, thanks to continued expansion of x86-based hyperscale data centers and system refreshes by both enterprises and SMBs. Rack-optimized systems also were in high demand, with revenue increases of 9.7 percent, outpacing the overall market and, according to IDC, keeping the global server space from slipping into decline. The high-end market was buoyed primarily by continuing demand for IBM's z13 mainframe, which has fueled...
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