A Look at Peppermint OS, a Linux for the Masses

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A Look at Peppermint OS, a Linux for the Masses

by Darryl K. Taft

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Peppermint OS Launches

The Peppermint OS version 1.0, a new cloud-centric flavor of Linux, launched on May 10.

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The Peppermint OS Desktop

A look at the Peppermint OS Desktop.

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Peppermints Main Menu

A look at the Peppermint OS Desktop and Main Menu.

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Mozilla Prism Desktop Integration

Here is Mozilla Prism running Hulu and Seesmic.

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Linux Mint Software Manager

Here is what the Linux Mint software manager looks like in the Peppermint OS. Peppermint uses some of Linux Mint's configuration files. Linux Mint is a Linux distribution for PCs based on Ubuntu and featuring media codecs.

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Peppermint Integration

Peppermint integrates with the following technologies: Seesmic, Gmail, Hulu, YouTube, Prism and Adobe Flash.

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The Mozilla Connection

Mozilla's Prism enables users to run applications in their own individual windows on Peppermint OS. Prism is a Mozilla Labs technology that lets users split Web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop. It integrates Web applications with the desktop.

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A Seesmic Shift

Peppermint OS One launched with built-in support for the Seesmic social networking platform. Seesmic develops social networking clients for sites such as Twitter and Facebook that run on the Web, mobile devices and the desktop. The Peppermint OS team said Peppermint is the first and only operation system to include Seesmic by default.

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Ubuntu Roots

Peppermint OS is based on Lubuntu, which itself is based on the Ubuntu operating system.

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Peppermints Debian Ancestry

As a variant of Ubuntu, Peppermint OS also can trace its lineage back to Debian, as Ubuntu is based on the Debian Linux distribution.

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