Banshee: The Next Best Thing to Linux iTunes

Review: It's not as good as iTunes, but Banshee's the closest audio player to it I've found that runs on Linux.

I want an audio player that will do everything that Apples iTunes does—including working with my iPod—and do it natively on Linux. Thats a tall order. Ive tried many fine Linux programs—KDEs amaroK, RealPlayer 10 for Linux, Xine and others—but none have scratched my itch.

So, Ive been running Windows iTunes 4.9x running atop CrossOver Office 5.01. Apples favorite audio program runs decently on CrossOver Office, but I wanted something that worked better and was a "real" Linux program.

Although I havent quite found exactly what I want in a Linux app, Banshee comes pretty darn close.

To start with the basics, Banshee can play all the most common music formats, such as Apples AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), MP3s, and Ogg Vorbis. Better still, the tracks Ive burned from my CD collection sound pretty darn good on the old bookcase JBL J2060 speakers.


You can also use the program to rip and burn CDs. When you burn CDs, you can do it either as MP3s or as conventional audio CDs.

Unlike many audio programs, controlling Banshee is as easy as pie. Want to add your collection, point at the appropriate directory and watch it build its library? Want to display your music in artist order? Album order? Make a playlist? No problem.

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