Black Duck, Olliance Will Partner on Strategy

Companies will work together to help clients develop and implement strategies to deal with the business, technical and risk management issues.

SAN FRANCISCO—Black Duck Software, a provider of software compliance management solutions, has announced an alliance with Olliance Group, an open source management consulting firm.

The companies announced the alliance at the LinuxWorld conference here. Douglas Levin, president and CEO of Waltham, Mass.-based Black Duck, said the alliance is targeted at helping to accelerate the adoption of open source software by business. Indeed, the companies will work together to help clients develop and implement strategies to deal with the business, technical and risk management issues posed by open source software.

The companies will combine Olliances expertise in open source consulting with Black Ducks protexIP automated software compliance management tools, and the companies will bundle services and work together closely, Levin said.

Levin said Black Ducks protexIP software compliance management system brings developers, lawyers, and business decision-makers together within an automated system that lets development teams identify and control what components are used within their code base and automate the compliance process across their organization to support business policies.

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"As more and more companies build, sell, and deploy open source solutions, understanding how to select and comply with an open source license is becoming increasingly complex," said Andrew Aitken, managing partner of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Olliance Group, in a statement. "Black Ducks solutions provide an excellent complement to our planning, risk management, and investment consulting services. Together we can help organizations leverage open source technologies for maximum competitive advantage and economic gain."

"Olliance is a consulting firm with expertise in open source processes and business dynamics," Levin said. "Thats a big deal for us because there are only a few companies in the industry that can really do this and this is an enterprise-class solution for our enterprise push."

Meanwhile, Black Duck also announced an alliance with OpenLogic Inc., which sells software and services around open source development projects.

"OpenLogic shares our goal to make open source even more reliable, less expensive, and safer to deploy within the enterprise," said James A. Hogan, Vice President of Black Duck Software, in a statement. "By marrying our protexIP software compliance management solutions with OpenLogics BlueGlue and Open Source projects, customers can realize the full potential of open source software while meeting their software compliance obligations and managing their valuable intellectual property."

"Were expanding our relationships among the open source stack providers," Levin said. "OpenLogic is another one of the companies making open source safe for business. The ecosystem is starting to grow. A lot of firms are coming in and finding value in what we do."

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