Borland Linux Tool Features C++, Web Services Support

Borland Software Corp. is beefing up its Linux development tool with support for C++, adding to existing support for the company's Delphi.

Borland Software Corp. is beefing up its Linux development tool with support for C++, adding to existing support for the companys Delphi.

Borlands Kylix 3, which was unveiled last week, delivers new functionality to the companys Linux tool, including expanded support for Web services and compliance with Web services standards, according to Borland officials.

Borlands announcement means the 2 million or so C++ developers worldwide will be able to develop Linux-based C++ applications in a proven, commercial development environment, said the Scotts Valley, Calif., company.

Paul Peterson, computer integrated manufacturing manager at AMI Semiconductor Inc., said using Kylix will help AMI become more productive in creating Linux-based, factory automation solutions. "Borlands allowed us to do beta testing and exploration of the tool," said Peterson, in Pocatello, Idaho. Tools like those from the Open Software Foundation "work, but they dont tend to be a complete package," he said. "With the Borland package, if youre going to do graphics or integrate with Oracle [Corp. technology], you can do it better because everything is integrated. Theyve brought all the individual pieces together."

Peterson said some Linux developers might complain that some tools theyre used to are not in Kylix, "but if you stand back and look at it, you see its a good thing a commercial company has done this and made it available with C++. Previously, they had it available for Pascal, but anyone who has grown up in the Unix/Linux environment is not likely to develop in Pascal. [Now] theres at least one company thats trying to bring it all together."

With Kylix 3, Linux developers can create not only GUI and database applications in C++ but also Web and Web services applications.

Kylix 3 includes BizSnap, which uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) technologies to enable Linux and Apache applications and tools to interoperate with other platforms and languages; WebSnap, which is designed to turn Apache Web servers into Web application servers; and DataSnap, which is middleware aimed at helping developers create database applications.

In addition, Kylix 3, by being combined with Borland C++Builder or Delphi, can be used to create cross-platform Linux/Windows applications, officials said.

Kylix 3 comes in three flavors: Kylix 3 Enterprise Edition, priced at $1,999, for new users; Kylix 3 Professional Edition, for $249, with special pricing for current Kylix, C++Builder and Delphi users; and Kylix 3 Open Edition, for open-source software.