Borland Ramps up Linux Development

Borland is beefing up its Linux development tool with new support for C++.

Borland Software Corp. is beefing up its Linux development tool this week with new support for C++, along with existing support for Borlands Delphi.

Borlands Kylix 3, which will be unveiled Tuesday, delivers new functionality to the Scotts Valley, Calif., companys Linux tool, including expanded support for Web services and compliance with Web services standards, Borland officials said.

Borlands announcement means the approximately 2 million C++ developers worldwide will be able to develop Linux-based C++ applications in on a proven, commercial development environment, the company said.

Borland officials cite numbers from International Data Corp. that indicate C++ is the language of choice for Linux developers. With Kylix 3, Linux developers can create not only GUI and database applications in C++, but also Web and Web services applications.

Simon Thornhill, vice president and general manager of rapid application development solutions for Borland, said in a statement that Linux developers have long had to use non-visual tools and development environments.

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