Carrier-Grade Linux Makes Headway

The Open Source Development Lab is making progress on the road to a Carrier-Grade Linux specification, including the launch of a new Web site for CGL developers.

The Open Source Development Lab Inc. (OSDL) Friday announced that it is making progress on the road to a Carrier-Grade Linux (CGL) specification, including a new white paper, a requirements definition and a new developer site.

The OSDL said its Carrier-Grade Technical Scope White Paper, the Linux Requirements Definition V0.5, and the Validation Framework V0.5 can be found on the organizations Web site at In addition, OSDL announced a new Web site specifically for developers creating CGL --

Last January, Beaverton, Ore.-based OSDL formed its CGL Working Group to make way for the creation of carrier grade commercial off-the-shelf Linux application development. OSDL officials said the term "carrier grade" implies a system that is designed to have increased availability and timeliness to meet the requirements of a modern communications network element.

OSDL officials said the CGL Validation Framework V0.5 provides the overall structure for creating and executing validation suites that will test for compliance with forthcoming OSDL Carrier-Grade Linux specifications. The initial version of the requirements document will help to define the CGL platform requirements, describing the need for functionality, hardening and standards conformance. Future versions will cover additional areas such as security, the organization said.

"Opening is an important step in the development of Carrier Grade Linux, as it signifies the start of the development effort in earnest and in the open," said Mika Kukkonen, OSDL CGL Roadmap Coordinator, in a statement. "It is important because the technology platform also will greatly assist with automating the processes of building, testing, and bug tracking Carrier Grade Linux."

OSDL officials said the white paper examines the overall scope of the CGL Working Groups effort, including the market, target application areas, specific technical issues to be addressed and standards compliance.

OSDL sponsors include Intel Corp., Computer Associates International Inc., NEC Corp., Red Hat Inc., SuSE Linux AG, VA Software Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., IBM Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Computer Corp. and Caldera Systems Inc.

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