Cisco Builds UCS C480 ML Rack Server to Accelerate Deep Learning

Today’s topics include Cisco rolling out its UCS server for AI and machine learning, and Slack making changes for ease of use for administrators and faster search.

Cisco Systems on Sept. 10 unveiled its UCS C480 ML rack server, a system designed to accelerate deep learning workloads powered not only by two Intel “Skylake” Scalable Processors but also eight Tesla V100 GPUs from Nvidia that are connected by the chip maker’s NVLink interconnect.

The system comes with as many as 24 disk drives offering as much as 182TB of storage and up to six NVMe drives. Plus, it can support up to four 100 Gigabit Ethernet switches.

The tightly integrated offering will use artificial intelligence and subsets like machine learning and deep learning to address the challenges facing enterprises as they try to drive competitive advantages from the massive amounts of data they’re generating.

At its Frontiers conference in San Francisco on Sept. 6, Slack detailed improvements coming to its core messaging platform and how it’s being used by a variety of companies to improve collaboration within internal groups as well as external partners.

Among the features Slack said it plans to release either later this year or in 2019 is Enterprise Key Management for its Enterprise Grid customers, which lets large organizations connect and manage all of their Slack channels and better control sensitive data in messages, files and comments.

Slack also plans to release a way for customers with no coding skills to build so-called “No Code Apps” to create custom workflows within Slack. Plus, Slack will soon release an update that offers users faster search results.