Clients Find The IDEAL Linux Way

IDEAL Technology Corp. proves that Linux integrators can make it as it celebrates its fifth anniversary and its first million dollar year.

How many Linux integrators do you know that have been around for more than a couple of years?

IDEAL Technology Corporation just celebrated its fifth anniversary and topped $1.0 million in sales for 2003, according to Jordan Jacobs, a principal of the company. That, from a 12-person team that does pure Linux consulting and no reselling.

Indeed, one of the reasons for IDEALs success has been that they are not tied to any one version of software or vendor. Keep in mind that they deploy only Open Source and Linux based solutions, focusing on a strictly consulting business model. "From the beginning, weve always refrained from being resellers," said Jacobs. He said that theyve always wanted to remain unbiased and be able recommend the best solutions for their military, scientific and business clients.

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