DCC Alliance: Were Not Dead Yet

The DCC Alliance emerges from LinuxWorld still set to its goal of making Debian Linux a major business player. (Linux-Watch)

Rumors were swirling around the halls of LinuxWorld that the often troubled DCC Alliance was going to fold its tents and disappear.

What actually happened was that several of the members met quietly and agreed to a tenuous plan to move forward under a new president pro tem, Kevin Carmony, Linspires CEO.

The DCC Alliance was created last summer by several Debian Linux companies and organizations. These included credativ GmbH, Knoppix, LinEx, Linspire, MEPIS LLC, Progeny Linux Systems, Sun Wah Linux, UserLinu and Xandros.

Its purpose was to encourage ISVs (independent software vendors) and PC vendors to support the companies Debian-based Linux distributions. To do this, the companies agreed to work on a common core Linux, based on Debian, that would be LSB (Linux Standard Base) compliant.

The Common Core would not be a distribution in and of itself. Instead, this collection of essential programs from Debian Linux, combined with member additions, would serve as the foundation for each groups own distribution.

The DCC Alliance quickly ran into trouble with members of the Debian community who disliked the groups use of the Debian name and that it was doing this outside of the Debian Project.

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