DebConf10 Debian Conference Set for August in NYC

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian GNU/Linux operating system, announces that its next annual conference, DebConf10, will be held Aug. 1 to 7, 2010.

"The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian GNU/Linux operating system, confirmed the dates and venue for its next annual conference, DebConf10," the organization said in a statement Oct. 30.

"The conference will take place from Aug. 1 to 7, 2010, at Columbia University, in New York City, in cooperation with the Columbia Computer Science department." Next year's event marks a milestone in that "in DebConf's 11-year history, this will be the first time it has been held in the United States," organizers said.

"The Debian community in New York City is excited to welcome our colleagues from around the world to join us for this rewarding and productive conference," said Jimmy Kaplowitz, leader of the local New York team for DebConf10. "We look forward to energizing North American Debian contributors and introducing interested users to ways they can give back to Debian, making it an even better operating system and an even better community."

"Debian GNU/Linux is a free computer operating system. Over 3,000 volunteers from all over the world work together to create and maintain Debian software. Translated into 27 languages and supporting a huge range of computer types, Debian calls itself the 'universal operating system.' In the United States, Debian is backed by Software in the Public Interest, a not-for-profit public charity," the organizers said.

DebConf organizers said the event will feature "talks and demonstrations about the benefits of Debian and free and open-source software in general to corporate, governmental, academic and individual users." In addition, there will be a day that the general public is invited to attend.

"The call for papers and registration will open in January 2010," the announcement said. "DebConf10 will be preceded by DebCamp, the yearly developer work sessions, starting on July 25. Information about DebConf10 is updated at as it becomes available."