Dell EMC Enhances VxRail With Greater Automation, Easier Management

Today’s topics include Dell EMC expanding its integration with VMware technologies, and TriggerMesh launching its Kubernetes-based serverless management platform.

At the VMworld 2018 Europe show this week in Barcelona, Spain, Dell EMC unveiled enhancements to the VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure offerings that are designed to drive greater automation, easier management and more adoption of the solutions.

Some of the improvements come from greater integration with such VMware products as VMware vCenter, vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation.

At the same time, Dell EMC announced improved integration of VMware’s vRealize Suite with its VxBlock converged infrastructure, a key part of enhancements to that product.

The announcements this week come after Dell EMC introduced an array of infrastructure, software and service enhancements through VMware integrations designed to make it easier for enterprises to adopt multicloud environments.

On Nov. 1, startup TriggerMesh officially launched, announcing a serverless management platform built on top of Kubernetes. TriggerMesh makes use of the open-source Knative project, which is a Kubernetes container orchestration based framework for building, deploying and managing serverless workloads.

The platform will be available both for on-premises and software-as-a-service cloud-based deployments, enabling a multicloud management approach for serverless functions.

According to TriggerMesh co-founder Mark Hinkle, how it works is that a user will provide credentials for a given cloud and source control system, like GitHub. Then they place their functions into the source control system, and TriggerMesh will push the function out to a cloud or existing Knative cluster. Hinkle said that TriggerMesh inserts the functions for execution and handles any required auto-scaling.