Details Emerge about Debian Linux Plan

Lead by Progeny, numerous Debian Linux distribution companies and nonprofits consider forming a common core server distribution for the enterprise. But Mandriva and Turbolinux are rethinking their involvement.

Progeny and more than half a dozen other Debian Linux distributors are working toward forming a common Debian Linux distribution for the enterprise based on the next version of Progenys Componentized Linux.

This is not a done deal yet. Two companies previously mentioned as being involved with the project, Mandriva, (formerly Mandrakesoft) and Turbolinux Inc., appear to not be participating at this time. Progeny Linux Systems Inc. continues to leading the way.

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The other companies involved in the possible forming of a DCC (Debian Core Consortium) include Linspire, credativ GmbH (site in German), LinEx (site in Spanish), Sun Wah Linux Ltd., Xandros Inc. and several other Debian companies and nonprofit/community projects.

"Essentially, you can imagine that any organization thats interested in making Debian more viable for the enterprise is or is invited to be a part of this," said Ian Murdock, founder of both Progeny and the Debian distribution, as well as CEO of Progeny.

"As to what this means for LCC [the Linux Core Consortium], that really depends on Mandriva and Turbolinux. The market has spoken, and were 100 percent focused on this new Debian-centric core now. If Mandriva and Turbolinux want to move to this Debian core, wed love to have them. I cant speak for them."

Mandriva, after considering the matter, will not be joining the DCC.

"Mandriva doesnt plan to release a Linux distribution based on Debian," said Gaël Duval, Mandrivas co-founder and vice president of communications.

Turbolinux has not responded to requests for its stance on the efforts to create a Debian enterprise Linux distribution.

"There are two separate but potentially related things" going on, Murdock said. "One, we are talking with Debian companies and nonprofits about adopting a common core to make Debian more viable in the enterprise; and two, Progeny will be announcing the next version of Componentized Linux at LinuxWorld."

"Whether or not these two initiatives are linked—that is, whether Componentized Linux is the common core the Debian groups adopt—remains to be seen as the former discussions progress," Murdock said.

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