Eaton Announces UPS Support for Ubuntu

Ubuntu keeps moving mainstream: Eaton announced UPS support.

On the face of it, its hardly news worth noting. On Nov. 27, Eaton announced that its Personal Solution Pac for Linux and Network Shutdown Module v3 are the first UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power management solutions to receive Ubuntus IHV (independent hardware vendor) Certification.

This program is compatible with Ubuntu releases from 6.06 to 7.10. It enables Ubuntu systems to smoothly integrate with Easton UPS systems and assures communication, monitoring and graceful shutdown during prolonged power disturbances. The PSP (Personal Solution Pac) software is targeted at desktop and SOHO users while the NSM (Network Shutdown Module) offers a range of advanced functionality for network installations and enterprise applications.

Whats important about this is that it shows Ubuntu is being taken seriously by IHVs. Peripheral builders do not go to the trouble of making software for a Linux distribution, much less going to the additional expense and time of getting certification, unless they believe consumers and businesses are going to be adopting it in large, that is to say, profitable, numbers. That is especially true in the small margin, small volume world of less common peripherals such as UPSs.

"We have long been a leader in implementing power management solutions for Linux and other open-source operating systems under the MGE Office Protection Systems brand," said Hervé Tardy, vice president and general manager, Distributed Power Quality Division of Eaton, in a statement.

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