EV1Servers Pays License Fee to SCO

EV1Servers defends its decision to pay SCO for the right to use Linux.

EV1Servers CEO Robert Marsh says he realizes his company might be "vilified" for signing a licensing agreement with The SCO Group, becoming the first publicly identified company to have paid SCO to settle its disputed legal claims involving Linux. But Marsh said the company acted to protect its customers, some of whom were expressing concern about the SCO case.

By paying a licensing fee to insulate itself against SCOs legal claims, EV1Servers drew immediate fire from many corners of the Linux community, with some Slashdot readers suggesting a boycott of the company. EV1Servers is one of the largest dedicated hosting companies, with more than 11,000 Linux servers visible on the Web, according to our most recent survey.

"We realize we may be vilified by some diehards within the industry, but we feel a real obligation to take care of our customers," Marsh said in an interview this afternoon. "We had private discussions about this issue with some of our customers, and they were quite concerned about the uncertainty and the potential for a legal quagmire. What weve done is ensure that its not an issue for our customers."

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