eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Upgrading to Fedora 10

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eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Upgrading to Fedora 10

by eWEEK Labs

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In-Place Upgrades

Fedora picked up the capacity for conducting in-place upgrades (without the hit-or-miss results of previous in-place upgrade workarounds) during the Fedora 9 release. The 9-to-10 upgrade marked our first exposure to the tool.

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Pick Your Poison

The preupgrade tool, which we installed by typing "yum install preupgrade" into a terminal, offered us the option of moving to Version 10 or to Red Hat's rolling development release, Rawhide.

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Upgrade Your System

The upgrade tool began by fetching a set of new packages from Fedora's online software repositories.

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Reboot Now

With the needed packages downloaded, we were ready to reboot and continue the upgrade process.

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Limbo Mode

Unlike the Ubuntu in-place upgrade process, Fedora's upgrader does most of its installation work in a sort of system-limbo mode.

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Installing Upgrades

Our basic Fedora 9 installation required 792 package updates to become Fedora 10.

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Welcome to Fedora 10

With our package updates behind us, we had ourselves a shiny new Fedora 10 installation-with a giant raft of additional updates to install. We'd like to see the system roll this step into the initial upgrade process.

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PackageKit and PolicyKit

The best thing about PackageKit, at this point, is its integration with the PolicyKit permissions management framework that ships with Fedora 10.

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