Fedora Core 6 Arrives

The latest Red Hat Fedora Linux distribution finally arrives with improvements to performance and system management. (Linux-Watch)

The Red Hat-sponsored, community-supported Fedora Project announced on Oct. 24 that Fedora Core 6 is now available.

The latest version of this popular Linux distribution boasts improved desktop performance, new tools for system administrators and developers, and simplified virtualization management, among other enhancements.

On the desktop, Fedora Core 6 now comes with KDE 3.5.4 and GNOME 2.16, as well as its own improved fonts and artwork.

In addition, Core 6 include a new platform that enables GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop, better and faster software updating tools, and the latest upstream versions of favorite open-source applications.

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It also includes a newly rewritten printer configuration tool. With the improvements to CUPS and GTK printer control, printers are now detected on-demand as necessary.

In addition, it now supports per-user queues, so users can customize their printer settings without having to modify system-wide configurations.

Red Hat also claims that the latest Fedora provides a noticeable performance increase during the start-up of applications such as OpenOffice.org.

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