First Impressions of Google Browser Sync

Keeping your Firefox brower information straight between different PCs and even different operating systems has just gotten a lot easier. (

Not everyone runs as many "personal" computers as I have—24, at last count—but many of us have both a PC and a laptop.

One of the big problems, whether you run two dozen or two PCs, is keeping your Web browser bookmarks and other settings straight. And, when you run more than one operating system, that problem gets worse.

Google is now offering a solution to this problem: Google Browser Sync.

Browser Sync is a Firefox-specific extension that synchronizes your browser settings across computers. Specifically, you can use it to have one common set of Web page history files, persistent cookies, saved passwords, and—the real deal as far as Im concerned—your bookmarks.

Once installed, you can keep all your Firefox browsers in tune with each other with the same set of bookmarks, passwords, cookies, and so on. This can be a great help.

Browser Sync is operating system agnostic. If you can run Firefox 1.5, then you can run the extension. It can do this for two reasons.

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