Flashline Aims to Help Manage Open-Source Software

New tool will help enterprises manage and track open-source software use, say officials.

Flashline Inc. has announced a new solution for managing and tracking the use of open-source software, FlashPack for Open Source.

The Cleveland-based asset management software provider announced FlashPack for Open Source as an add-on to its Flashline Registry, a software asset management framework the company says will help enterprises keep track of their entire collection of software assets—such as components, Web services, legacy software and open-source software.

The new open-source management module enables users to assess whether an open-source component will work for the application they are creating, Flashline officials said. The new software also tracks services that can check open-source licenses and user licensing policies, the company said.

And the solution includes 20 open-source solutions in what Flashline calls its Open Source Technology Stack. The pre-installed solutions include operating systems, integrated development environments, applications servers, components and more, Flashline officials said.

Last month, Bugopolis LLC, maker of open-source developer tools solutions, announced Bugzilla Now, a defect-tracking solution for open-source tools users.

Seattle-based Bugopolis based Bugzilla Now on the Bugzilla defect tracking software created by Mozilla.org. Bugzilla Now brings the Bugzilla software immediately to bear on users systems and enables automatic software updates via Web browser, the company said.

Bugopolis officials said the companys solution is ideal for organizations that have shied away from open-source software because of the time, expense and expertise required to maintain it. But Jim Walters, co-founder of Bugopolis, said Bugzilla Now eliminates those concerns with its defect-tracking and automatic update features. Walters said that although it could take an engineer up to two weeks to get Bugzilla working effectively for an enterprises needs, Bugzilla Now is ready to run immediately and provides a fast, easy way to use Bugzilla.