FuseSource Launches New Open-Source Integration, Messaging Platforms

FuseSource advanced its "Integration Everywhere" strategy with Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.0 and Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.0, two new open-source integration and messaging platforms announced at its CamelOne 2012 conference.

BOSTON €” FuseSource, the open-source integration company, announced the availability of new products that enable enterprises to use open-source technology for integration and messaging.

The two products, now available following a global beta program, make it economically feasible to achieve real-time integration throughout the extended enterprise. This ability to achieve €œIntegration Everywhere€€”from the data center to innumerable suppliers, customers, machines and devices€”allows enterprises to radically improve business efficiency, flexibility and velocity, FuseSource said.

FuseSource announced the availability of the new products at its CamelOne 2012 conference, which runs May 15 and 16 here. €œIntegration Everywhere€ is the company€™s tagline, as it focuses on integration and messaging via open-source components.

The two new products are Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.0, an enterprise class, open-source integration platform that can be purpose-fit to virtually any environment, and Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.0, an open-source, standards-based messaging platform that can be deployed in any development environment with an incredibly small footprint. Both products are based on FuseSource offerings proven in mission-critical deployments across hundreds of large enterprises.

FuseSource says the products make it possible for software developers, system architects and DevOps professionals to create the €œreal-time enterprise.€

€œThe pace of business today increasingly demands an elastic infrastructure that€™s impossible to build without enterprise class open-source integration and messaging,€ said Steve Williams, director at Apex Networks, a rapidly growing IT support and solution provider that created the system used by the U.K.€™s automotive clubs and insurance companies to communicate with recovery vehicles, garages and first responders that provide roadside assistance to 32 million drivers. €œFuseSource products and services enabled us to achieve Integration Everywhere€”effectively integrating each tow truck into a constantly changing enterprise that provides operators with the real-time information they need to best assist stranded motorists. And we€™re using the same technology to create some of the world€™s most advanced logistics systems for brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar and McLaren that demand the utmost precision in their supply and demand chain.€

FuseSource technology is used in many different environments€”from the data center to branch offices to delivery trucks, and from Fortune 500 enterprises to public-sector agencies and nuclear-physics labs. In most cases, FuseSource€™s customers use its products and services not only for traditional integration requirements inside the data center, but also for integration projects at the edges of the enterprise.

€œTo create the control system for the Large Hadron Collider and its injectors at CERN, we needed a messaging infrastructure that would enable us to monitor and operate the thousands of [pieces of] equipment that play a role in its operation 24 hours per day, 365 days a year,€ Felix Ehm, technical engineer in the Beams Department at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN


, said in a statement. €œWe needed a messaging technology able to scale to dramatically changing demands with utmost reliability while accommodating the numerous operating systems and communications protocols in use within the scientific community.We trusted in ActiveMQ as an open-source messaging system from the very beginning in 2005, and today we can say our decision was beneficial. It€™s clear that open-source integration and messaging addressed our needs.€

Additional examples of FuseSource customers€™ Integration Everywhere projects include a major retailer synchronizing, in real time, inventory across thousands of physical stores with transactions occurring on a high-volume e-commerce Website; a large enterprise integrating its global fleet of delivery trucks in real time to enable more efficient operations; an electrical industry giant integrating a new smart grid; and a government agency integrating the systems air traffic controllers use to manage U.S. airspace.

€œHistorically, the oppressive cost and complexity of integration technologies offered by commercial stack vendors made these kinds of €˜beyond the data center€™ integration projects impossible,€ said FuseSource president Larry Alston, in a statement. €œBut ironically, most of the important activity in enterprises today occurs outside of the data center. Our customers are achieving amazing results by adopting an Integration Everywhere approach to their businesses. We believe this integration to the utmost edge of the enterprise will grow into a trend that is every bit as transformative as cloud computing, mobile, big data or any other of the €˜top computing trends€™ today. In fact, FuseSource integration is playing a significant role in making those trends possible.€

The Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.0 and Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.0 platforms are modular, enterprise-class open-source products based on Apache Software Foundation projects. IT and development operations (DevOps) professionals can benefit from a full range of enterprise-class features and benefits, including easy installation and enterprise-class testing and related documentation. There is also third-party verification of the technology; Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse MQ Enterprise are audited by Veracode and Black Duck, providing FuseSource€™s customers with regular security patches and confirmation of license compliance. And FuseSource augments its managed releases with stable, tested enhancements and fixes that ensure the bulletproof reliability for which FuseSource is known.

In addition, both products, available free, are backed by subscriptions that encompass support, tooling, managed releases and service-level agreements. New additions to these subscriptions now make it even easier for IT leaders to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and achieve Integration Everywhere. Some of these include:

  • Centralized Management: FuseSource augments its Fuse IDE developer tooling and Fuse HQ monitoring system with the Fuse Management Console, a centralized tool that allows DevOps professionals to visualize and configure the components of their integration infrastructure seamlessly, whether it€™s on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid configurations.
  • Fuse Application Bundles: A packaging technology, Fuse Application Bundles automatically resolves and hot-deploys all dependencies required for running bundled functionality to simplify provisioning.
  • Enterprise-Level Documentation: FuseSource provides everything enterprises need for the administration, management and provisioning of their integration framework, as well as documentation and €œcook books€ that make it easy to add new connections quickly.