Getting People to Say Nice Things About Microsoft

Opinion: First, it was bloggers; now Microsoft is hiring Wikipedia writers to set its stories straight on the popular online encylopedia. How dumb does Microsoft think we are? (Linux-Watch)

How dumb is Microsoft? No, really: a few weeks ago, they decided to "give" bloggers a free—as in beer—$2,300 Acer Ferrari laptop. When some people—like me—suggested that this sounded like a bribe, Microsoft immediately back-peddled.

They then told the bloggers that they had to "either give the PC away or send it back when you no longer need it for product reviews."

Lets see, and these bloggers will be done using them for product reviews by, oh I dont know, next Christmas in time for another Microsoft present under the Christmas tree?

Maybe, my question should be, "How dumb does Microsoft think we are?"

Its a serious question, because they just did it again!

This time, according to Rick Jelliffe, the CTO of Topologi Pty. Ltd., an Australian XML tools company, Microsoft approached him to "provide more balance on Wikipedia concerning ODF/OOXML (Open Document Format/ Microsoft Office Open XML).

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