Getting to Know Drupal

Opinion: Once in place, Drupal makes an excellent open-source CMS for serious Web sites. (Linux-Watch)

You may recall that Ive been working on revamping one of my Web sites with the open-source Drupal CMS (content management system).

Im finally done with the implementation and the design work and Im well on my way into deployment, so I wanted to let you know that Drupal has ended up working extremely well for me.

It didnt start that way! First, I found that Ubuntu and Drupal were, for me anyway, not a good fit.

I then moved on to deploying a test system on SUSE 10. This went better, but along the way I found that Drupal was a bit cranky. The long and short of is that you need to make sure you have just the right versions of MySQL, PHP, and Apache lined up correctly for your version of Drupal, or youre likely to run into trouble.

With that done, though, I was quickly able to build the framework of my Web site and run up my test system structure. In case you havent done this kind of thing before, always, always build a test site instead of tinkering with your site on the Web.

Now, I was finally seeing the promise Id seen earlier when I decided to use Drupal.

Its excellent taxonomy system made it simple to use both hierarchical classification and term synonmyns. In English, this means I can classify documents so that theyre easy to find.

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