GNOME 2.6: Two Left Feet?

One self-avowed Linux geek found that he simply couldn't get Gnome 2.6.1 to run. Period.

The latest release of the GNOME Desktop, 2.6.1, hit Web and FTP servers near you on 14 May 2004. Its purty, to be sure, and its fonts are anti-aliased. But, it eats your CPU, your RAM, your disk space, your bologna sandwich, and, if youre not careful, your small pets. Ive written in this space before that Ill trade performance for eye candy almost every time, so GNOME 2.6 was at a disadvantage before I even got started with it. Nothing in the quality time I spent with GNOME 2.6 the last few days has caused me to change my mind.

The truth of the matter is, simply put, I couldnt persuade GNOME 2.6.1 to run. Just getting it installed took more work than it should have.

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