Gosling Defends Suns Microsoft Partnership

James Gosling, Java's creator, defends both Sun's recent alliance with Microsoft and its recent Java moves.

Since the announcement of Suns settlement with Microsoft over Java, there has been a lot of rampant speculation echoing back and forth over the net. A lot of it reads like bad conspiracy-theory stuff. People have been reading between the lines and making stuff up. This echos around the rumor mill and gains the appearance of fact. Id like to try to set the record straight on a number of points.

In Rick Rosss "Where Is Java In This Settlement?", he worries that Sun may have sold out the Java community. We didnt. We have not sold our soul to the Dark Side. We havent overnight turned into mindless lap dogs. Weve had a lot of experience with Microsoft over the years, and it has made us very cautious.

Green did not leave Sun in disgust.

One of his big concerns was about the departure of Rich Green, which the rumor mills say left Sun "in disgust" (as reported in The Register). This is unbelievably far from the truth. Rich Green was my boss, I was with him day after day. Rich worked very hard to make this agreement happen.

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