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HBase is an open-source, nonrelational, distributed database that is modeled after Google's BigTable and written in Java. It was developed as part of Apache Software Foundation's Apache Hadoop project and runs on top of Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS).

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Node.js is a software system designed for writing highly scalable Internet applications, notably Web servers. Programs are written in JavaScript, using event-driven, asynchronous I/O to minimize overhead and maximize scalability. Node.js consists of Google's V8 JavaScript engine plus several built-in libraries.

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nginx (pronounced engine-x) is a Web server and a reverse proxy server for HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols, with a strong focus on high concurrency, performance and low memory usage. Its licensed under a BSD-like license and it runs on Unix, Linux, BS

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Apache Hadoop is a software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications under a free license. It enables applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. Hadoop was inspired by Google's MapReduce and Google File System papers. Hadoop is a top-level Apache project being built by a global community of contributors, written in Java. Yahoo is the largest contributor to the project, and uses Hadoop extensively across its businesses.

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails—many times shortened to Rails or RoR—is an open-source full-stack Web application framework for the Ruby programming language. As a full-stack framework, RoR gives Web developers the ability to gather information from the Web server, talking/querying the database, and template rendering out of the box. As a result, Rails features a routing system that is independent of the Web server. Ruby on Rails also shouldnt be confused with Ruby, which is a general-purpose programming language on which Ruby on Rails runs. Ruby existed for more than 10 years before the first release of Ruby on Rails.

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MongoDB is an open-source, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented NoSQL database system written in C++. It manages collections of BSON documents that can be nested in complex hierarchies and still be easy to query and index, enabling many applications to store data in a natural way that matches their native data types and structures. 10gen began developing MongoDB in October 2007 by 10gen. The first public release was in February 2009.

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Apache Tomcat (or Jakarta Tomcat, or simply Tomcat) is an open-source Web server and servlet container developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Tomcat implements Java Servlet and the JavaServer Pages specifications from Oracle and provides a pure Java HTTP Web server environment for Java code to run.

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MySQL is a relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. It is named after developer Michael Widenius' daughter, My.

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Apache HTTP Server

The Apache HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache, is Web server software that played a key role in the initial growth of the Web. In 2009, it became the first Web server software to surpass the 100 million Website milestone. Apache was the first viable alternative to the Netscapes Web server (currently named Oracle iPlanet Web Server), and since has evolved to rival other Web servers in terms of functionality and performance.

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Spring Framework

The Spring Framework is an open-source application framework for Java. The first version was written by Rod Johnson, who released the framework with the publication of his book "Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development" in October 2002. The framework was first released under the Apache 2.0 license in June 2003. The first milestone, release, 1.0, was released in March 2004, with further milestone releases in September 2004 and March 2005. The core features of the Spring Framework can be used by any Java application, but there are extensions for building Web applications on top of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

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PostgreSQL (tie)

PostgreSQL—often referred to as Postgres—is an object-relational database management system available for many platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Its released under the PostgreSQL License, which is an MIT-style license, making it free and open-source software. PostgreSQL is developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, consisting of a handful of community volunteers employed and supervised by companies such as Red Hat.

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Grails (tie)

Grails is an open-source Web application framework that uses the Groovy programming language (which is, in turn, based on the Java platform). Its intended to be a high-productivity framework by following the "coding by convention" paradigm, providing a standalone development environment and hiding much of the configuration detail from the developer.

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Apache Struts is an open-source Web application framework for developing Java EE Web applications. It uses and extends the Java Servlet API to encourage developers to adopt a model-view-controller architecture. It was originally created by Craig McClanahan and donated to the Apache Foundation in May 2000.

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JBoss Application Server (or JBoss AS) is an open-source Java EE-based application server. Because its Java-based, the JBoss application server operates cross-platform, usable on any operating system that supports Java. JBoss AS was developed by JBoss, now a division of Red Hat.

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An open-source application server project started by Sun Microsystems for the Java EE platform, GlassFish is now sponsored by Oracle. The supported version is called Oracle GlassFish Server. GlassFish is free software, dual-licensed under two free software licenses: the Common Development and Distribution License and the GNU General Public License with the classpath exception.

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Apache CouchDB, commonly referred to as CouchDB, is an open-source document-oriented database written mostly in the Erlang programming language. It is part of the NoSQL group of data stores and is designed for local replication and to scale horizontally across a wide range of devices. CouchDB is supported by commercial enterprises Couchbase and Cloudant.

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