Hot Linux & Open Source News Sites

If there's hot Linux or open source news, and doesn't have it, check the following sites for the latest and greatest online penguin news.

When you read and the following sites, youll be as well informed as its possible to be when it comes to Linux and open source.

1) Slashdot. I think of it as the water cooler for the Linux and open source nation. Sometimes, the discussions are off-topic, sometimes, the stores arent quite right, but at the end of the day, youll know whats what in the land of the penguins.

2) NewsForge Not only do they have top-notch stories and opinions, but they also do the most comprehensive job of covering everyone elses Linux and open source stories in its NewsVac section. I highly recommend this site.

3) Linux Today and its close relative LinuxPlanet also do an outstanding job of both reporting the news and views of the open source community and gathering up the best of other publications coverage.

4) Desktop Linux is the site of sites for coverage of desktop Linux. If you believe Linux on the desktop is the future, this is your must site bookmark site.

5) LinuxDevices, on the other hand, is the site for anyone who already knows that Linux is the present of embedded operating system. If you work with embedded systems, you have to know Linux and this site.

6) may have an odd name, but dont let that fool you. It is the site for tracking whats new in open source software. If you think of it as the BetaNews of open source software, you wont be far wrong.

7) VarLinux is primarily a Linux news-gathering site that focuses on Linux news of interest to resellers.

8) Linux Magazine may primarily be a print monthly, but its also an excellent Linux print monthly and its online features are always informative and useful.

9) Groklaw is for those who want to know every, last detail of the legal match of SCO vs. the open source world. Its an amazingly comprehensive site thats essential to anyone who wants to know exactly what SCO is up to on any given day.