IBM Goes for SCO KO

IBM files for summary judgment against all of SCO's IP claims, but experts say the IBM-SCO case isn't likely to end soon. (Linux-Watch)

IBM swung a haymaker at SCO on Sept. 25. The corporate giant asked the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City for summary judgment against all of SCOs claims.

The SCO vs. IBM case is more than three years old. Although The SCO Group has had little success in persuading the court or the buying public that IBM did indeed take SCOs Unix intellectual property and place it within Linux, the company has stayed its course.

In the last year, however, SCO has suffered more than just reverses in the court of public opinion. On June 28, Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells ruled largely in favor of an IBM motion and threw out the vast majority of SCOs claims against IBM.

Now, SCO, in turn, has also filed at least one motion for partial summary judgment.

Will these attempts to knock each other out of the ring before the court date of Feb. 26, 2007, come to anything? While those who wish SCO and its Linux legal cases would just skulk off into the darkness hope that this will spell the end of the IBM/SCO case, the experts dont see it happening that way.

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