IBM's Systems and Technology Group Pitches Servers, Storage, Services to Partners

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IBM's Systems and Technology Group Pitches Servers, Storage, Services to Partners

At the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference Feb. 25 to 28, Rod Adkins, IBM's senior vice president of the IBM Systems and Technology Group (STG), explained how IBM is beating the competition with its Power systems, PureSystems and storage systems to give partners superior technology to sell to customers.

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IBM's Investment in Innovation Pays Off

According to analysts, IBM once again is the leader in worldwide server revenue. The company also saw nearly 1,200 competitive displacements, with IBM systems and software displacing competing technology to the tune of $1 billion in 2012.

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IBM's STG Growth Was Down in 2012, but Key Growth Initiatives Surged

IBM's STG unit ended fiscal 2012 down 5 percent, but growth initiatives such as analytics, cloud and Smarter Planet were up big time. Analytics grew more than 70 percent, cloud grew more than 80 percent and Smarter Planet grew 100 percent.

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IBM Transforms in Step With an Evolving IT Landscape

IBM is pressing on as structured data gives way to unstructured data, monolithic apps give way to dynamic services, and programmed systems give way to systems that can learn, among other market issues.

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IBM Delivers the Infrastructure for Smarter Computing

IBM's Smarter Computing infrastructure is designed for big data, features a software-defined environment, and is open and collaborative.

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IBM Delivers a Mix of Smarter Computing Solutions

IBM's Smarter Computing solutions include System z mainframes, Power systems, PureSystems and more.

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IBM Power Systems Featuring the Power7+ Processor

Power7+ systems cover entry-level, midrange and PowerLinux environments to deliver power at lower costs.

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IBM PureSystems Offer Cloud, Big Data and Analytics Solutions

The PureSystems come in PureFlex, PureApplication and PureData flavors.

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IBM Storage Offers an Automated Approach to Data

IBM storage systems enable users to self-provision storage in minutes.

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IBM Partners Can Benefit From Growth Solutions

IBM officials said partners can gain higher margins through Solution Accelerator Incentive. Growth solutions include analytics, cloud and Smarter Planet.

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Partner Success Is Paramount to IBM

IBM business partners Redstone and Teamsun Technology highlight their successful efforts partnering with IBM, whose officials view partners as a key route into various markets.

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IBM Integration Saves a Mess of Headaches

An IBM PureSystems installation at the Bank of Utah saved a whole mess of server and cabling nightmares, according to Big Blue.

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The 2013 Game Plan for IBM STG

IBM hopes to get about 57 percent of total systems revenue through its partner channel in 2013.

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IBM STG Sets Sights on Big Plays for 2013

Among the IBM STG big play endeavors for 2013 is to add 400 business partner-dedicated sellers and to increase the number of quality leads to partners.

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The IBM Partner Mission Isn't Impossible

IBM is calling on its business partners to sell higher-value solutions by focusing on Smarter Computing initiatives and growth initiatives.

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The Opportunity for IBM Partners

Big data, cloud and other factors are providing significant opportunities for IBM partners, such as ISVs, solution providers, managed-service providers (MSPs) and systems integrators.

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