Insurance for Linux Users: Why is It Needed?

The Open Source Risk Management (ODRM) founder explains why they're offering insurance to Linux users.

When a start-up firm called OSRM (Open Source Risk Management) announced two months ago that it planned to offer standard product liability insurance to Linux users and developers, many in the Linux community wondered why. For some, such coverage appeared to be an unwarranted admission that there was something wrong with Linux. Sure, vendor specific indemnification of users was appearing, but IBM itself, the first target for SCOs absurd legal claims denied the need. As recently as the last LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, IBMs Jim Stallings, general manager for Linux at Big Blue, was quoted as saying, "The claims that have been alleged [by SCO] against IBM [have] no basis, so indemnification is not needed." NewsForge recently interviewed OSRMs founder and CEO, Daniel Egger, to gain his perspective on the issue.

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