Intel Moves to Challenge Nvidia, AMD in Discrete GPU Chip Market

Today’s topics include Intel moving into the discrete GPU chip market by 2020, and Google Analytics 360 being integrated with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

Intel will start rolling out discrete GPUs in 2020 in a move that will expand its competition with rivals Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices in rapidly growing markets like artificial intelligence, gaming and the data center.

Raja Koduri, who led AMD’s Radeon GPU business until Intel hired him in November 2017, confirmed the plans this week.

Intel already markets its own GPU technology that’s integrated into its CPUs, but they don’t have the same capabilities as discrete GPUs from AMD and Nvidia to handle compute-intensive workloads such as 3D rendering, virtual and augmented reality, and 4K video.

Intel’s plan reportedly is to build GPUs for both PCs and servers, according to Ryan Shrout, lead analyst at Shrout Research.

Google's Analytics 360 data analytics platform has been integrated with Salesforce's Marketing Cloud, giving organizations a way to get better insights about their customers to boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, Salesforce announced on June 13.

Enterprises will now be able to view customer data gathered from multiple sales channels both in Salesforce's Marketing Cloud and from Analytics 360 in one place. By importing Salesforce Marketing Cloud data into Analytics 360, marketers can get a better understanding of how well their marketing efforts are doing and see exactly to what extent their marketing content is influencing customer transaction decisions including purchases.

The macro trends that Analytics 360 unearths help organizations analyze the effectiveness of email campaigns, via online ads and on the website so marketers can optimize content for specific channels, according to Salesforce.