Is Gates Retirement Linuxs Chance?

Opinion: Times of change are times of opportunity. Can Linux make the most of its shot? (Linux-Watch)

On June 15, Bill Gates announced that he would be retiring from Microsoft in July 2008, and everything changed.

It may be two years away, but when a giant the size of Gates moves, the world moves with him. And, in that movement, in this period of change, Linux may have its best chance ever to seize the marketplace momentum from Microsoft.

Yes, I know Microsoft, even without Gates, looks like a monstrous power; a dominating Goliath with a grip on the desktop and server that cant possibly be broken.

But, we all know what happened to Goliath, though, dont we?

More to the point, many of us can recall when Ma Bell collected every phone bill in the land, and when the Detroit car companies sneered at competition from Japan and Germany.

Now AT&T is just one of many companies, and the "big" U.S. car companies are fighting to survive.

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